A Life Plan Community…Part 2

A Life Plan Community…Part 2

In our last post, we shared the benefits of Life Plan Communities, formerly known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). Eastcastle Place is a Life Plan Community, ensuring that our residents make a seamless transition to enhanced care and services right on our beautiful campus if their health needs change.

Senior living expert Brad Breeding has created a resource for families looking for the perfect home for their loved ones. Mylifesite.net has become a valuable online space for anyone managing (or helping a loved one manage) this major life transition. A recent post explained a key benefit of a Life Plan Community affiliated with a not-for-profit community.

“Eighty percent of Life Plan Communities operate as not-for-profit organizations. This is part of the reason why so many of these communities offer financial support when residents deplete their assets,” Breeding explained. Breeding, a highly-esteemed expert in the industry, will be discussing the Dollars and Cents of Senior Living at Eastcastle Place next week.

Our management company, Life Care Services, is a leader in the Life Plan Community industry. Their approach to senior care is based on the following principles:

  • Supporting residents’ lifestyle choices
  •  Resident centered, flexible approach to healthcare
  • Heartfelt Connections, Memory Care Program, focusing on remaining abilities
  • Financial plan that helps residents maintain their estates
  • Professional, highly trained, compassionate employees providing outstanding service to every resident.

Let’s take a look at how Eastcastle Place embraces these principles:

We embrace diversity in our resident population, including lifestyle choices.

We provide flexibility in healthcare; a resident-centered approach is first and foremost in our program..

The Heartfelt Connections Memory Care Program is our operating playbook.  Focusing on residents’ remaining abilities aligns with our positive approach and our mission and values.

When it comes to finances, non-profit communities reinvest money into the organization. As a non-profit, those reinvested funds are used to maintain the physical element of our community: our beautiful buildings and grounds while also exceeding residents’ expectations in terms of services, amenities, programming, and our professional and friendly staff.

Speaking of staff- the final principle is quite possibly the most important. Ask any resident about the team at Eastcastle Place, and you’ll undoubtedly hear rave reviews. Ask a resident to pick their favorite team member, and there’s a good chance they’ll name more than one.

Eastcastle Place is comprised of diverse, active and engaged residents of all ages and from all backgrounds. Let us walk you through the process of joining this wonderful community. We look forward to introducing you to our home.