Cheers to Beers

Cheers to Beers

Do you love beer? You’re in good company. Thomas Jefferson, founding father and the third US President once said, “Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.” (More on that later). Actor and beer lover, Jack Nicholson, would probably agree; Nicholson has been quoted as saying, “Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.” We’re lucky to live in a city with a rich beer history and a thriving craft brewery industry.

Milwaukee, the former Beer Capital of the World was once the home of Pabst, Schlitz and Blatz, to name a few. Inspired by Milwaukee’s reputation as a great beer town and to celebrate American Craft Beer Week May 14-20, here at Eastcastle Place we’ll have our own Craft Beer week with a full schedule of activities, tastings, tours and more on May 7-14.

When you think about Wisconsin beer, a huge player in the game is New Glarus. Home of the local favorite, Spotted Cow and a host of other brands that you can’t get outside of Wisconsin. For some of our beer loving friends across the Illinois border, stopping at a store to buy a case of “Spotted” is a very compelling reason to drive up I-94 and cross the state line.

The best news we’ve heard in a long time is that beer is good for you! It’s true. Moderate beer consumption can lower your risk of diabetes and it can lower your cholesterol. Drinking beer might even boost brain power and prevent dementia. The key is, of course, moderation. Before you reach for that bottle, check out this NBC News story for more information on the health benefits of beer.

Moderation will be the key during every event May 14-20 as the Brew City celebrates American Craft Beer Week. Join in the celebration by visiting one of the city’s popular craft breweries. A wide variety of locally produced brews, great food and cool spaces are on tap (pun intended) at the best craft breweries in town. Milwaukee Magazine offers all the information on the hottest local craft beer breweries. A couple of fan favorites are Third Space Brewery and City Lights Brewery.

Plan to join your friends for Eastcastle’s Craft Beer Week, it’s our own in-house pre-party for National Craft Beer Week. On May 7-14, we’ll be touring and tasting the best brews at local craft breweries. We’re even brewing our own beer and serving it out of a roving bar that will stop by various locations around our community.