Couple Almost done moving

Making Your Move…Organized and Painless

Few things in life cause as much stress as relocating. Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, packing up one home and moving to another is never easy, but with advance planning and a lot of list-making, moving can be a much smoother and more positive experience.

The three most important words to keep in mind when preparing to pack up and move are purge, purge, and purge. The purge is the most important part of moving because when you’re paying movers, the phrase “less is more” has a whole new meaning. Less stuff is more money saved so give yourself plenty of time to go through your stuff, room by room, closet by closet, cabinet by cabinet and donate or throw out all that stuff you don’t need. Check out this recent Eastcastle Place Decluttering Blog for ideas and helpful hints.

Have you made a moving binder? If not, buy yourself a notebook, pick up a package of color-coded dividers and get out your three-hole punch. It’s helpful to create tabs for various topics: estimates, things to pack, things to purchase, etc. Have you thought about what moving company to use? Don’t worry and don’t get overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and take a look at this checklist from Real Simple Magazine. It will get you thinking in an organized way, and it’s a good place to start. Guess what step one is? Yep…sort and PURGE your stuff.

Let’s back up a bit. If you’re at the very beginning of the downsizing/moving process, you may need some ideas on where to move to, whether it’s a city in the United States (check out this list of the best cities for retirement from ) or a completely different country, according to this Investopedia article, Ecuador is a perfect retirement spot. You’ll want to read this helpful moving and retirement guide for seniors from the website The Spruce.

When it comes to picking a locale in which to retire, at Eastcastle Place, we aren’t exactly objective, but we think our home state is the best! And we’re not the only ones: take a look at Good Call’s article on Moving to Wisconsin. And when it comes to our fair city…have you seen this recent Vogue story? Yes, THE Vogue magazine says Milwaukee is the coolest and most underrated city in the Midwest. We knew it all along: we have a lot to be proud of here so text or email your out of town friends and tell them how awesome life in Milwaukee is!

You don’t have to negotiate the whole downsizing and moving process by yourself. At Eastcastle Place we offer helpful seminars on moving, hosted by relocation experts Moving Station. We can also connect you to local companies that will help with whatever aspect(s) of the downsizing/move you need. Don’t let fear of the purge be what stops you from moving on.