Stage Your Home…Just for You!

Stage Your Home…Just for You!

Let’s take a break from news, social media, and the many stressful things going on in the world today and have a little fun with google images. Google Gilman Triangle, and you’ll catch a glimpse of Eastcastle Place senior living community’s beautiful building in the photo. This fun surprise made us start thinking about real estate.

We held a virtual open house for the holidays, featuring our strikingly renovated Rosenthal apartment. It’s an absolute showplace right here in our own community. This renovation highlights the apartment’s high-end construction and finishes. Though you might not be in the market for a renovation, there are easy changes you can make to “stage” your home, not for potential buyers, but for you to enjoy.

If you’ve ever worked with a home stager or seen the Netflix hit series Selling Sunset or Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, you’ve seen the difference staging a home can make in the selling process. On TV, a truck pulls up to a home. A professional staging team made up of young, stylish beauties directs movers to strategically place carefully selected rental items to give the home the interior equivalent of curb appeal. This service costs several thousand dollars. The finished product looks great on TV, but how do you apply these principles to your life?

Walking through an open house or touring a professionally decorated home can be inspiring. But have you ever returned home, full of inspiration, only to look around and get discouraged? Don’t give up; just manage your expectations. Think about what you don’t see at open houses: a laundry basket, a wet dish sponge, a folded newspaper, a toothbrush. People use those things on a daily basis but hide them away for open houses. Your house doesn’t need to be open house worthy; the goal is to apply the principles of staging a home for sale while keeping in mind how we function in everyday life. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Hang a large mirror to open up small rooms.
  2. Simple decorating techniques include painting your kitchen cabinets a different color than your walls and using mix and match furniture, fabrics, and colors.
  3. Give your kitchen appliances a facelift, either by changing hardware, checking on the availability of replacement panels from manufacturers, or using peel and stick contact paper.
  4. Create furniture groupings that give a sense of coziness and the opportunity to chat.
  5. Don’t skimp on lighting. Natural sunlight is the best, but artificial lighting is necessary for night times.

Conventional wisdom suggests that in staging your home for sale, you want to depersonalize it so that potential buyers can see themselves in the space, rather than just seeing your ‘stuff.’ While your motive is different in staging for your own personal pleasure, you do still want to declutter, getting rid of everything you don’t need or use. This will make your home look larger.

These ideas will give your apartment home a fresh, bright feeling. Staging your home isn’t just for sellers. A decluttered, organized space is a great way to start 2021. Happy New Year! Stay healthy, stay safe, and enjoy your home!