This Bud’s for You: Spring Has Arrived!

This Bud’s for You: Spring Has Arrived!

March 19 is the official start of spring for the year 2020. It’s a new decade, and a new and most welcome season is upon us.

For many, spring is a favorite time of year for its promise of new life and new beginnings. It is something of a small miracle to see daffodils pushing their way through earth that was so harsh and barren just weeks ago.

Robins appear, Monarch butterflies make their way back north, and the fuzz of new buds softens stark branches. Nature shows highlight the often ridiculous antics of flirting animals, and even our own backyards are showcases for creatures frolicking once again. To be sure, there are many reasons to love spring.

Here in Milwaukee, a blizzard in spring is always a possibility. With Lake Michigan (the largest of the Great Lakes entirely within one country) fronting our city, lake effect snow can be in the forecast well into April. For that reason, it’s safe to say that folks in Wisconsin are even more excited for spring’s arrival.

While Milwaukee brings to mind images of beer and brats in popular imagination, those who live here know otherwise. Sure, we’re proud of our brewing roots, and it would be tough to say whose sausage in Milwaukee is the best. But Mother Nature puts on a terrific show here in the spring.

As Georges Seurat’s famous pointillist painting “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” illustrates, there is arguably no prettier place than a park when all of life is in bloom – especially near the water. In the heart of Milwaukee’s East Side, Eastcastle Place is not only surrounded by flora and fauna, it is within a short walk of the lake.

Parks near us are plentiful; at least ten of them flaunt their trees, flowers and wildlife, particularly in the budding spring. Bradford Beach, just a mile and a half from Eastcastle Place, sparkles in all hues of light. The longer days of spring extend its glistening glory.

Gardens in Milwaukee are also breathtaking as they come into their full spring glory. Consider Boerner Botanical Gardens, Lynden Sculpture Garden, Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, and Trimborn Farm for blossoming beauty that will appeal to everyone from the casual observer to the serious horticulturalist.

Indeed, it’s like a whiff of the freshest air to know that the calendar has once again come around to the season of spring. Let’s breathe it in!