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Healthy Snacks for the Big Game in Senior Living

The Big Game is right around the corner, but for seniors hosting their own watch parties, it can be challenging to prepare healthy snacks that satisfy.
Read on to learn all about the best healthy snacks for Game Day Sunday in senior living. We’ll also cover dining at a senior living community Eastcastle Place.

10 Healthy Game Day Snacks That Are Perfect for Seniors

    • Seniors can benefit from cheese slices as a source of calcium, an important component of their diet. Calcium is essential for the prevention of osteoporosis in older women. Serve with wholegrain crackers to provide additional fiber and valuable nutrients.
    • With a plate of veggies and guacamole, you can fill up on all the colors of the rainbow. Avocados are high in calories, but they’re packed with heart-healthy fats. Serve with celery, cucumber, and carrot sticks dipped in a low-calorie dip or salsa.
    • In addition to classic fried wings, baked wings are a healthy favorite and staple snack at many Game Day parties. Bake them rather than fry them to reduce the calories and serve them with sauces of your choice.
    • You can mix smoked salmon, avocado, and grilled vegetables for some tasty bruschetta. Top sliced crusty bread with tomatoes, onions, and basil for an antioxidant punch.
    • Go veggie! Buffalo cauliflower wings are an innovative twist on the classic Buffalo wing, packed with spicy flavor and can be lightened up with 2% Greek yogurt-based bleu cheese dip instead of the traditional high-calorie base.
    • Go veggie! Buffalo cauliflower wings are an innovative twist on the classic Buffalo wing, packed with spicy flavor and can be lightened up with 2% Greek yogurt-based bleu cheese dip instead of the traditional high-calorie base.
    • Adding low-fat cheese or another cheese of your choice to stuffed mushrooms is a great way to lower calories and add flavor.
    • A bowl of chocolate-covered raisins, along with some dry cheerios, unsalted sunflower seeds, and dry cranberries can be used as a substitute for candy for seniors with a sweet tooth. To serve, mix the mixture together and measure out a portion, such as 1/3 cup.
    • Besides offering much-needed fluids and antioxidants, fresh fruit is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Bananas are especially high in potassium, a mineral most seniors lack in sufficient quantities. Those who cannot eat sweets due to dietary restrictions can also use fresh fruits and berries as a dessert substitute. Or, design your own fruit skewer station using grapes, strawberries, melon and pineapple chunks.
    • Try almonds, pistachios, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts or cashews for a healthy nut treat on Game Day. They’re a great addition to the diet of seniors as they contain a variety of nutrients such as fats, proteins, minerals, and minerals.
    • Popcorn! This chewy, inexpensive snack can be seasoned in countless ways, including cinnamon, salt substitutes, and dried herbs to make it sweet or savory
    • If you like, you can prepare yogurt and granola well in advance so they are ready for snacking when the mood strikes. Give the granola some time to soak up the yogurt and soften, and add fruit for flavor and nutrition.

Dining at Eastcastle Place

At Eastcastle Place, there’s always something delicious to snack on.

Here at Eastcastle Place we pride ourselves on offering delicious and nutritious options.

Have your choice of grilled steaks or fresh seafood, homemade soups and handcrafted sandwiches, crisp salads and a variety of wholesome fruit, and decadent desserts.

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We put a lot of importance on using locally-sourced produce, baked goods, and dairy products in our desserts. Our chef and culinary team use seasonal ingredients from our neighborhood and fresh herbs from our on-site garden. Your next Eastcastle Place cocktail might have a mint leaf or a sprig of rosemary picked that same morning from the Eastcastle Place garden.

The menu regularly features exquisite traditional dishes and inventive takes on world cuisine. Furthermore, we make a point of accommodating special dietary needs by providing low-cholesterol, sugar-free, sodium-free, gluten-free, and Kosher options.

Hungry to hear more? See what’s cooking at Eastcastle Place with our sample menu. With our easy to use dining program you can dine with friends and family anytime, anywhere at Eastcastle Place.