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Memory Care in Milwaukee, WI

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia? Please know you’re not alone. We’re here to help. Located in the East Side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Eastcastle Place is home to a secure memory care community that delivers personal care and an engaging lifestyle to residents – and complete peace of mind to families.

The quality, commitment and dedication found within our memory care neighborhood will give you the confidence to let go of caregiving responsibilities and simply focus on being a family again. We’ll provide dignified support that meets your loved one where they are right now and progresses with them on this journey. We’ll be with you both every step of the way.

Elevating Memory Care in Milwaukee County

Customized Care Plans
Respect and dignity are at the heart of everything we do. First and foremost, we know that everyone living with a memory-related disorder is a unique person and deserves to be treated as such. Our skilled specialists have experience in dementia care, including Alzheimer’s care. They work closely with residents and family members to develop the ideal care plan for your loved one. From our specially designed memory care neighborhoods to daily interactions with staff, everything we do is designed with your loved one in mind.

Private Residences
Memory care is offered within Eastcastle Place’s Bradford Terrace. Memory care is delivered in a secure neighborhood on the third floor. Residents live in private suites that provide both security and independence. Bradford Terrace boasts refreshing suites, a dining area, activity area, and common areas of the memory care neighborhood, creating a welcoming, comfortable and vibrant place to live.

Specialized Programming
Seniors living with diminished cognitive ability caused by dementia require and deserve specialized support that touches all aspects of their lives. Heartfelt CONNECTIONS® is our individualized memory support program that reduces anxiety and increases safety and well-being by focusing on social interactions and familiar daily activities. The person-centered, activity-focused continuum of care philosophy is grounded in the belief that the abilities that remain are far more important than what is lost.

Experience Our Distinctive Care, Location and Commitment 
When searching “memory care near me,” you will discover a number of memory care facilities and providers of Alzheimer’s care in Milwaukee, but there is only one Eastcastle Place. In our secure neighborhood in Bradford Terrace, our health services residence, we’re committed to delivering exceptional memory care services to older adults living with dementia as well as providing their families with peace of mind. There are no entrance or endowment fees, and we accept direct memory care admissions from the Milwaukee community.

Memory Care

We care for your loved one just as we would care for a member of our own family.

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Memory support is an all-inclusive rate per day. Services include:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (such as bathing,
    dressing, personal grooming and daily bed-making)
  • Medication management
  • Wandering security system
  • Three chef-prepared meals per day
  • Cable television
  • Communitywide Wi-Fi
  • Housekeeping
  • Weekly flat linen service
  • Interior & exterior maintenance & groundskeeping
  • 24-hour emergency response system
  • Scheduled local transportation
  • On-site activities and events
  • Community outings

There is so much happening every day for memory care residents at Eastcastle Place – there’s something for everyone! Games – from bingo to Family Feud. Fitness and exercise.

Virtual tours of interesting places, from the Washington Monument to the Norman Rockwell Museum. Seasonal celebrations. Musical entertainment. Short stories. Aromatherapy.

View our calendar to see it all.

Download Memory Care Calendar


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Discover more about memory and dementia care in Milwaukee. Fill out the contact form on this page, or call us at 414-939-0501.

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Our fully trained staff gets to know your loved one — their history, likes and dislikes, and preferred schedule. This nurturing relationship often improves interactions, helps reduce anxiety or behavior problems, and can result in a reduction in medication needs.

People who are cognitively challenged, whether from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, require a higher level of care and security than those who simply need help with activities of daily living. Memory support residences at Eastcastle Place are carefully designed to ensure residents feel safe and secure. Our program is structured to build confidence in an environment that promotes choice and celebrates accomplishments.

There aren’t any specific rules or guidelines to determine when someone is ready for memory care; that decision lies with the family and/or caregivers.

Because dementia is progressive, symptoms will worsen with time, and professional intervention will be needed.

Some signs to look for include:

Safety: Your loved one may be unsafe in their home, leaving the stove or oven on, wandering outside and becoming lost, or tripping and falling.

Hygiene: Your loved one may forget to bathe, shave, wash their hair, or brush their teeth.

Appearance: Your loved one may not be able to properly dress themselves, wearing clothing that’s inappropriate for the time of year or appearing disheveled.

Home: Your loved one’s home may be cluttered, messy or dirty as household chores become too demanding or overlooked. They may have dishes piled in the sink; old food in the refrigerator; or bills piling up, unpaid.

Behavior: Your loved one’s behavior or personality changes, becoming aggressive or abusive.

Stress: All the above can take a toll on you as a caregiver. You may suffer from mental, physical or emotional exhaustion. If you are neglecting your own well-being, it’s time to seek professional help for your loved one.

Depending upon your financial situation, the cost of a memory care community, as well as other long-term care expenses, may be tax deductible.

According to the Health Insurance Portabiity and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), qualified personal care services that provide assistance with activities of daily living are tax deductible.

Because memory care falls into the category of Long-Term Care services, your loved one’s care may qualify for a tax deduction for memory care facility costs.

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Heartfelt Connections® is a nationally recognized approach to memory care that offers proven programming for residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-impairing dementias.

Memories fade, but we know past relationships and experiences continue to shape the lives of residents every day. Heartfelt Connections uses customized reminiscence tools to help loved ones capture a legacy of details about each resident’s life — family, friends, career, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

We apply the insights gained from each life story to individualized programming for every resident. Customized activities are designed to promote physical and emotional well-being and prolong daily functioning. These activities also help residents maintain a sense of purpose, satisfaction, dignity, and quality of life.

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