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We all have those moments when memory fails: you wonder where your phone is as you’re in the middle of a call, or you leave the house and think, “did I turn the stove off?” For most of us, minor memory loss is perfectly normal. Then there’s Alzheimer’s. This debilitating disease is affecting more and …

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Brew City Pride

Known as Beer City, Brew City, Beer Town, and Brew Town, our fair city, Milwaukee, is the undisputed Beer Capital of the World. What’s as remarkable in Milwaukee as the actual brew itself, is its fascinating legacy. The references are literally everywhere. Our baseball team is named the Brewers. Ever wonder how the name came …

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Living the Lake Life

The word “Milwaukee” is thought to mean Good Land in Algonquian. What makes this land so good? Its proximity to water. Lake Michigan forms our majestic third coast to our east, and the beautiful Milwaukee River runs through downtown. The best way to take advantage of the water is, of course, by boat. Without question, …

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