Tour Allure

Tour Allure

Did you catch the fun of Eastcastle Place senior living community’s recent Milwaukee Theater Bus Trip celebrating National Road Trip Day? We had a blast. A few highlights were:

  • Learning some of the rich history of our favorite music venues
  • Sharing our memories of our own music and theater experiences
  • Discovering the amazing fact that our friend and Eastcastle Place resident, artist Judye Frankowiak, created a sculpture that has a place of honor inside the Marcus Performing Arts Center
  • Driving around town on a bus and bonding with friends old and new

The trip was such a success that more events like it are in the works. But don’t wait to explore our awesome city. Here are a few Milwaukee tours to whet your whistle while you wait for the next Eastcastle Place tour experience.

Milwaukee City ToursCheck out the variety of tours, including a 90-minute walking tour of the Third Ward and a 90-minute streetcar history tour on The Hop. By the way, if you haven’t taken a ride on The Hop, what are you waiting for? This free trolley stops close to home at Burns Commons Park and makes its way through downtown to the Third Ward. It’s fast, it’s fun and have we mentioned, it’s free?

Milwaukee Food Tours: Calling all foodies! Got a favorite food? Betcha dollars to donuts, there’s a food tour featuring it. From a Bloody Mary Brunch Tour to a Pizza Bus Tour and the absolutely heavenly Churches & Chocolate Tour… there’s even a Brewer & Craft Cocktail Tour and a Burger and Custard Tour because…well, it’s Wisconsin.

Are you feeling creative and industrious? Put together your own tour. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Make Google your best friend. Pick your favorite food/destinations like “Brady Street,” “Milwaukee Italian restaurants,” or “Milwaukee Bakeries,” and start clicking.
  2. Split the research tasks with friends. Don’t love the Internet? Go old school, pick up the phone, and call places to get the important information (directions, hours, etc.).
  3. Charge your phone. True, it’s important to live in the moment, but you’ll also want to document this fun experience by taking pictures of the highlights. So, trust yourself to find that balance. Plus, you never know when you’ll need a GPS.
  4. Don’t forget the holy triumvirate of travel and adventure: hydration, sunscreen, and comfortable footwear. It might only be a local adventure, but you should still bring a water bottle, slather on the SPF and lace up those sneakers.

We take for granted the many amazing aspects of life here. But six years ago, a national website, The Culture Trip, published the story Top Ten Reasons Why Milwaukee is America’s Best Kept Secret. Pretty much everything on the list (Summerfest, beer, the accent, the lake) still applies here in the town we call home. And speaking of home, how lucky are we to live in a beautiful community, surrounded by friends, in the middle of this great city? We’ve got a lot going on, so plan to join us for an upcoming event soon!