Brew City Pride

Brew City Pride

Known as Beer City, Brew City, Beer Town, and Brew Town, our fair city, Milwaukee, is the undisputed Beer Capital of the World.

What’s as remarkable in Milwaukee as the actual brew itself, is its fascinating legacy. The references are literally everywhere. Our baseball team is named the Brewers. Ever wonder how the name came to be? Check out how this story from

Are you as salty as a ballpark hot dog over Miller Park’s name change? Did you cry when Miller Park became American Family Field? Wonder why it happened?  This CBS Sports story explains. Miller Beer had the naming rights from 2001 when the park opened; those rights were up in 2020. So, in January 2021, American Family Insurance took over sponsorship. From the “misery loves company” file: football fans in Pittsburgh are dealing with their own name change. This Sporting News story explains how Heinz Field recently came to be called Acrisure. Some Pittsburghers cried when the Heinz ketchup bottle was removed earlier this summer. What the heck is Acrisure? (It’s also an insurance company.)

Everyone’s heard of Pabst. Fun fact: Pabst was truly a family business. Jacob Best, Sr, his son Phillip Best and Phillip’s son-in-law, Captain Frederick Pabst, founded Pabst Brewery in 1844. They built it to be the beer giant our city reveres to this day.

Have you ever visited The Brewery District? Remember the dilapidated part of the city where Pabst beer was once brewed? It shut its doors in 1966, but local developer Joseph Zilber revitalized the 21-acre space a few years back. It’s an entertainment, housing, and retail complex featuring a variety of restaurants, student housing, apartments, and local breweries, and there’s even a cool event space, Best Place.

Milwaukee was the birthplace of the big breweries, but our city is also a star in the microbrewery game. One of our favorites is Good City Brewing which has locations right here on the Eastside and in the Deer District. Good City beers are grouped in categories like Light & Crisp, Hopped Up, Wild & Funky, Ciders & Seltzers. Nothing complements a good brew like great food. Good City has a varied and full menu with everything from sandwiches and burgers to salads and desserts and, of course, cheese curds.

You can enjoy some of Milwaukee’s greatest brews right at Eastcastle Place. We love to have beer celebrations, including our (winning) bet for the Bucks vs. the Suns last July. Most recently, our Brews, Blues and BBQ drew rave reviews!

Cheers to beers!