Seven Inspiring TED Talks to Guide Your Retirement

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Preparing for a fulfilling retirement extends beyond financial considerations. Indeed, life encompasses far more than just monetary planning. It entails envisioning how you wish to spend your days, the company you desire, your ideal location, and much more.

At Eastcastle Place, an exceptional retirement community nestled in Milwaukee’s dynamic East Side, we recognize the value of lifelong learning. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of seven compelling TED Talks covering various aspects of retirement planning. These succinct yet profound presentations offer invaluable insights and inspiration. With their expert speakers and engaging format, TED Talks provide actionable ideas to shape your future and enhance your life.  

TED Talks About Money and Retirement

  1. The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self

While it’s common knowledge that saving for retirement is essential or requires self-discipline. Many of us find ourselves prioritizing short-term happiness or gratification over long-term security, neglecting the importance of ensuring a comfortable retirement.

Listen as Daniel Goldstein, behavioral economist, and decision-making expert, discusses how the decisions we make now have consequences, good or bad, for our future selves. This is especially relevant in retirement planning. 

In his thought-provoking TED Talk, The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self, Goldstein helps us see ourselves and the choices we make over time. Using tools to gauge how our actions today affect our reality tomorrow, we learn to make smarter decisions. 

  1. Rethink Retirement – Well-Being Beyond Your Bank Account

If retiring to a sunny, warm climate, playing golf, and enjoying a leisurely lifestyle is the dream vision, why are so many retirees dissatisfied?

Clare Davenport says we can do better than this.

A well-being coaching and consulting expert, Clare believes retirement needs to be reframed and redesigned. The outdated definitions of retirement are no longer serving us. Most importantly, we need to think beyond our bank accounts about retirement.

In her TED Talk, Rethink Retirement – Well-Being Beyond Your Bank Account, Clare encourages us to think about another type of retirement ROI essential to long-term happiness and well-being.

TED Talks About Healthy Aging

  1. Older People Are Happier

People are living longer. It is a fact. More years have been added to average life expectancy in the 20th century than all years added across all prior millennia of human evolution combined.

In the blink of an eye, we have doubled our lifespans. But what about the quality of life? 

There is good news there, too. In her TED Talk, Older People Are Happier, Psychologist Lauren Carstensen discusses how as people get older, they become happier, more content, and have a more positive outlook on the world.

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  1. Life’s Third Act

We are in the midst of a longevity revolution. Today, we are living 34 years longer, on average, than our great-grandparents did. Essentially, a second adult lifetime has been added to our lifespan. Unfortunately, our culture has not kept pace.

In her TED Talk, Life’s Third Act, actress Jane Fonda takes a closer look at this “third act” – the last three decades of life. How should we use this time? How can we reimagine this new developmental phase of our lives?

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  1.   How To Live To Be 100+

Is there a way to live longer, and better? To find this path to long life and health, National Geographic writer and explorer Dan Buettner closely examines the world’s Blue Zones.

Blue Zones are regions in the world where people live exceptionally long lives. But more importantly, they live healthy lives, with significantly lower occurrences of dementia, depression, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Listen to his TED Talk, How To Live To Be 100+, as he shares nine common diet and lifestyle habits of people who live in these Blue Zones. Find out how they have lived with health, physical activity, and energy into record-setting ages.

 TED Talks About Other Retirement Topics

  1. How To Squeeze All the Juice Out of Retirement

We have all been looking forward to retirement for years. We have consulted with financial advisors, committed to long-term planning, and saved for our financial futures. But what about preparing psychologically for retirement? While you may be ready for a permanent vacation, you have got to be ready when the novelty wears off.

And according to Riley Moynes, it will wear off.

Retired from education and the investment business, Riley now focuses on helping retirees and those close to retirement get the most meaning out of the years ahead. In his TED Talk, How To Squeeze All the Juice Out of Retirement, he describes the four phases of retirement and offers insight on how to navigate through them all, ultimately living a life of fulfillment and happiness.  

  1. Less Stuff. More Happiness.

Does the thought of downsizing appeal to you? Or does the very thought of simplifying sound too harsh?

Join writer and designer Graham Hill for his TED Talk, Less Stuff, More Happiness, as he makes the case for taking up less space. Learn three rules for editing your life, and discover how less stuff in less room can lead to more happiness.

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