It’s Easy Being Green

It’s Easy Being Green

As much as we all love this song by everyone’s favorite singing frog, Kermit, we do have to contradict his message because being green-er is easier than you might think. Learn how small actions can make big differences and find out how to get involved right here at home.

When it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle, the most important thing to keep in mind? Don’t get overwhelmed. Make small and manageable changes. Anything you do to be more environmentally focused is beneficial. According to this article from earth911, “Whether you’ve been living a sustainable lifestyle or not, you’re never too old to start. Every effort toward preserving the environment counts. Do what you’re able to do, and your actions will help inspire others around you.”

Throwback advice still holds true so let’s unpack some oldies but goodies. Remember back in the 90’s when your kids or grandkids watched Barney the Dinosaur? It may have been annoying but this catchy tune from instructing children to Never Let the Water Run is still a great lesson. Just turning faucets off during simple bathroom, kitchen and laundry tasks will help reduce water usage. The three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are more important now than ever and among other things, the pandemic has taught us to reexamine our priorities. While you might have discovered you need an internet upgrade to Zoom with the grandkids, you might have also discovered that you don’t need another purse or sweater.

Our own Treasure Chest resale shop pays homage to recycling in the most shopaholic way. The retail destination within our walls, encourages our residents to browse the beautiful items that have been donated by their neighbors and can be lovingly repurposed.

As you pick and choose the recycling advice that works for you and your lifestyle, check out these ideas from The Guardian’s 50 Ways to Green Up Your Life. Not all 50 ideas are going to work for everyone. Composting might seem a bit overwhelming but tossing those celery leaves into a soup instead of into the trash is a form of composting that might easily work for you.

We’re so lucky to live in a walkable neighborhood, taking advantage of that is healthy for your body and for the planet. If you’re able to, think about walking instead of driving to pick up food (supporting our neighborhood restaurants makes it a win-win) or run a quick errand.

You may have noticed that the to-go containers in the dining room got a recent upgrade to more environmentally friendly materials. Did you happen to see information posted in the trash rooms about composting and recycling? Those efforts are thanks to our very own Green Committee. There are about a dozen residents who work together to make Eastcastle Place sustainable and there’s room for you to get involved with this amazing group. Sign up to plan educational seminars, work on sustainability projects and be a part of the efforts to make our beautiful home more eco-friendly. Contact administrative assistant Maureen Scribner at 414-963-8435 for more information.